Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just to Appease You

I totally switched this blog over to the new Google Blogger, but it doesn't think I did anymore. This whole switch over thing was supposed to be easy, I think, but I must just be retarded. I have battled it for quite some time and will continue to do so until I am satisfied.

So, General Conference was pretty amazing, wouldn't you agree? All of those talks on repentance really got me thinking. At least I don't feel complacent anymore, right? I guess that's what Conference is supposed to do for you though: make you feel uneasy so you can change to make yourself better. I am very excited to start.

I got to GO to conference for the very first time today. It was dang awesome, in the Conference Center with the prophet and everything. I think it was definitely worth all of the traffic and parking fiascos we had to deal with. Also, I got to drive my brother's Impala there- what a smooth ride! I love driving in cars that are nicer than mine.

I resolve to not be such a slacker in the blogging department, even IF no one decides to comment (that can put a damper on sharing things).