Wednesday, May 27, 2009

glimpses of the last few weeks

Memorial Day at Canyon View Park up Provo Canyon. That's where Monte proposed to me (the first time...); we went with my family.

Monte workin' the grill on Memorial Day. Man, those burgers were tasty.

Provo Farmer's Market at Pioneer Park on Center and 500 W. It's really great--I recommend going on Saturday morning/early afternoon. I think they shut down around 4 or 5 p.m.

Hiking the Y with Charlotte. Monte started to feel nauseous and I felt dizzy, so we only made it halfway up. Wussies.

Tomato plants in my garden!!!!

Poster of Dale that we shot with the .22 (note the shot right between the eyeballs).

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Some (better) parts of the cruise

Enjoying the one sunny day...and Monte's huge sunglasses on me!
Being with my sweetie.
Cheesy formal nights (we had two).
Taking funny pictures while we were bored and just chillin' in our cabin.
Touring the oldest sailing ship in the world! This was in San Diego right next to Seaport Village and our ship (in the background).
Squishing ourselves through the tiny doorways of a WWII Russian submarine.
Trying to enjoy the cloudy/overcast day on Catalina Island.

The Bad News

Silly Mexicans and their pigs. Ruined our whole honeymoon. I'm selfish, aren't I? All I can think about is that our trip was ruined--of course, I don't care at all about the sick people. Typical Nikki. But really, it's just a flu. Get a shot and you're on your way to being better. It just seems like everyone has overreacted a bit.

Cruise itinerary due to the Swine Flu:

Day 1: at sea
Day 2: at sea (got all the way down to Cabo...already getting anxious to get off the stupid boat)
Day 3: at sea (Princess decides to turn around and not stop at all in Mexico because of the flu)
Day 4: at sea (find out that we will be stopping in San Diego as one of our thinking this is not what I paid for)
Day 5: at sea (they stopped in Ensenada for fuel and other crap, but wouldn't let us get off)
Day 6:San Diego (for about 7 hours...what the crap were we supposed to do? we'd already been there lots of times...just walked around and toured old boats)
Day 7: Catalina Island (this is an island, but it doesn't have ANY beaches. that's right: we never got to go to the beach...on our CRUISE!!!)

To top off this fine itinerary, the weather was crap and almost never sunny enough to swim outdoors. I guess that's my fault since I booked the cruise for the end of April, but it just added to the AWEsomeness of the whole week.