Saturday, December 02, 2006

How did we get to be so cool?

Debbie and I did something fantastic today: we played racquetball. What a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday. We had a great time in our BYU Issue shirts, laughing hysterically about pretty much everything that happened. Here are some of the terrific moves we pulled:

Yes, we can do moves that are broadcast on ESPN. Oh, and here is what the balls looked like when they hit the wall--we have a lot of swing power.

Now for the best part:

1. Try your best to appear ballerina-like

2. Tell cat stories to bond with fellow players

3. Laugh as hard as you can the whole time while, of course, still playing like a pro

4. Listen carefully to the sounds the ball makes as it collides with other matter- this will aid you in completing the first part of #3

5. Don't walk to or from the RB because you will freeze your patootie off- just drive next time

Monday, November 27, 2006

Why can't I just make decisions?

So, now Kim is moving out of Micquel and Ali's apartment and there will officially be an open space for me. No one would have to switch apartments and it would work out perfectly. Also, I wouldn't have to pay a deposit or the last month's rent because I would just be taking over Kim's contract. It is so freaking tempting, and seems like the perfect situation, but I don't know what to do. I don't work very much and I don't make very much money. I made some big purchases (big to me, at least) within the past few months, i.e. iPod, new boots, new clothes at the Old Navy, etc. Also, Christmas is coming up. I guess I could just ask for money for Christmas and even for my birthday in March, which woud help a lot. Sounds like a plan. Now I just have to try and figure out if this really IS what I'm supposed to do--if this is what is going to make me most happy in the end. Here is a picture of a skydiver to help you in your... I mean MY decision making.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I was seriously considering moving out for Winter semester and going back to the crazy life of Miller apartments. It is really hard being home with no social life, so I tend to be down there quite a bit as it is--I figured I might as well save on gas and just live there. Upon a closer look at my finances, however, I have come to the conclusion that my greedy/selfish self couldn't survive on such a small budget. I would be miserable if I was that close to having no money. It might be the death of me (or just my sanity), but it looks like I'll be staying at home until Spring. Oh, help me.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

there is beauty all around

I just love the fall. The autumn leaves are so pretty. Yes, everything seems to start looking quite dead, but look at all of these things to enjoy.

These leaves are all from one bush, which I thought was pretty cool.

I don't know what these are called, but it's nice to know there are certain flowers that bloom only in the fall.

The last of the living 6' tall sunflowers.

And, finally, the last of the grapes still clinging to dying vines. Absolutely gargeous in a morbid way. Time to start wearing sweaters!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

that's right, I am one of THEM now

For the past couple of weeks I have been sick and haven't been able to go running. But BEFORE that heinous occurence happened I was thinking to myself Man, this would be a whole lot better if I had some music to listen to. Thus, I was sucked into the crowd of iPod owners. I have purchased the one in the middle, the newest version of the Nano. I am very excited. Hopefully it won't distract me from doing homework too much, although I'm sure I'd rather listen to music on campus in between classes than do homework. Huh. Oh well. At least I'll get my money's worth.

Friday, September 29, 2006


Our dear friend Trisha is getting married in less than a month and I volunteered to throw her a bridal shower. Micquel, Debbie, and Ali quickly came to the rescue and offered to help, as well. I can't say much about it on here because Trisha will read it, but I will say this: it's going to be You bet it is. So if you are lucky enough to be on Trisha's list of people who are invited (which you probably are, considering it is quite lengthy) be very excited. Hopefully we'll show you a good time. Ah, the scandal that bridal shower presents convey. I am very excited to buy something risque for the questionable Trisha.
Note to Trisha: Please don't have these flowers at your wedding. I might have to cry. The hideosity is overpowering.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Perhaps you could decipher some meaning from the nonsensical ramblings below?

It is just one of those times that I don't want to go to sleep because I know I'll have to get up and do homework (which, incidentally, is typing a paper). I got more homework done today than I thought I would, though, what with my crazy schedule. Relationships class was kind of weird. Everyone has such different opinions about relationships and, more specifically, dating. I almost got up out of my seat to smack Benjamin over the head with my scriptures many a time. That boy needs to keep his trap shut. I could compare my annoyance towards him with my feelings toward people who drive under the speed limit. Trisha has asked to copy my notes from Art History tomorrow because she won't be there. She will be at a "women's doctor" getting something very painful done. I am very sorry for her. But at least she has a bridal shower to look forward to, right? Uh, yes, I'm sure Micquel and I can put something together. We are tentatively planning it for the 7th of October, in less than two weeks. Maybe we should think more about this, eh? Nah. I will just buy her something scandalous the day before in a fit of insanity. Isn't it just sad that Utah State's offense hasn't put a single point on the scoreboard this season? I find that disheartening. Good thing I was smart enough to go to BYU, where we win a least SOME games. I'm not a loyal enough fan to put up with extreme failure. I know, pathetic. Here are my two new favorite lines from songs: "You're as close as it gets without touching me" (Imogen Heep, The Walk) and "When forever's over I won't remember how much I loved you anymore" (Alison Krauss, Forget About It). Don't read too much into those, though. You might get confused. I barely even understand why I like them.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Finally Ready For Fall

Debbie, Micquel, and I went on our biannual shopping trip to the Tanger Outlet stores in Park City yesterday. As always, we spent the drive there and back discussing the faults and redeeming qualities of boys, listening to music whilst "singing" along at the top of our lungs, and getting lost (even though we've taken this trip well over a few times). I look forward to these trips and look upon the memories of them fondly. The only thing that could have made this trip better is if every one of my friends could have come along for the good time.

As much as I love just being with these delightful girls, acquiring new and exciting clothing items makes these trips all the better. Debbie got exactly what she went for: a jacket, some jeans, and a few shirts. Micquel purchased what she needed, too: nothing. Good show, old chap. I was surprised to come away with some good finds as well, and things that I had planned on buying, too. I have included some pictures of my most recent purchases.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Roadtrip: Provo to Ann Arbor, Michigan

My first real roadtrip. I'm going with my sister, Tye, and her husband, their daughter Millie, and his parents. How will I survive? I don't know. I suppose I will listen to a lot of music, read some good books, and wear earplugs whilst enjoying the scenery. Woot.

After viewing this map, I have just realized what I am in for. Do you see how far away Michigan is from Utah? Holy carp. What have I done? I already bought my plane ticket home, so I guess I'm in for the long haul. I just looked it up and it is approximately 1,616 miles to Michigan from Provo. Wish me well. I may not be coming back fully intact.

The really exciting part about this trip, though, is that we're going to stop in Nauvoo for a few days. I've never been there and I think I'll even have time to do baptisms and look up some history on a few ancestors who lived there. I'm really quite excited.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

a part of me wants to, but I just can't get the motivation

To blog, that is. It used to be the highlight of my dreary days. Now my life is so relaxed (except for the boy situation) that I don't look at it in the same way. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy it immensely. You are all hilarious and quite enjoyable to read. But I just don't have anything to say that I don't say to you everyday.

I had a tragedy with the 7's thing. Meaning I totally wrote the whole thing in all it's glory and my internet stopped working when I tried to publish it. Lost forever. It nearly broke my heart, and Debbie's, when I told her what happened. I hope you can all forgive me for not completing that important task, but every time I think about doing it again I get really discouraged and think, "but it could never be as good as the one I wrote before." I'm sincerely sorry for my long absence and hope this will cheer you up and make you at least tolerate me again.
Okay, just kidding. That is quite frightening and you're allowed to hate me for making you view it. But now look at this:
See? Don't you feel better. I sure do. What a delight.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

i don't know them, but they're ever present

Ever since we've moved in we have met a lot of new people. We meet people who live in our apartment complex. We meet people who are in our ward. We meet people in our dinner groups. We meet people at stake dances. We meet people who look in our windows. Most of these people fall into the category of Ward Members, but some do not. It's quite interesting, though, to see how we all react to meeting so many crazies. I think we all expected it to be much worse and anxiety-ridden than it really is. I mean, it's still sometimes nerve racking, but definitely survivable. And what with all of these activities and meetings we have to go to we're going to be around them a lot. I wonder if we'll get to know who they all are, really. And will they get to know the real us's? Lets hope so.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

one good thing from physical science

This is a picture of peridotite. I like it. I saw it in Physical Science and fell in love. I hope you do, too.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Ultimate Frisbee Magazine

Yes, it's true. There really is one. Who knew? Maybe you, but not me. What will they think of next?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

but, I thought you liked me!

You know how when someone at church is speaking and they mention names of people that they think are amazing and you were totally part of the experience they are talking about but they forget to mention your name? And then you feel like you didn't contribute anything? And that they don't like you? If anyone knows what I am talking about, congratulations. You win the prize for understanding my unintelligible somethings.

The reason I thought of this is because I was going to make a list of people who make my life great, but I knew I would forget someone and make them feel unwanted and unappreciated. Making lists is pretty tedious because you know you're going to have an impossible time of mentioning everything.

So, instead of listing everyone that makes a difference in my life, I would like to dedicate this post to all the people who know they mean something to me. You know who you are. And I like you a lot and would never forget to mention your name on purpose. You are far too important to me.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

propagandistic politics

I have just finished a research paper on the Arch of Constantine, pictured above. I'd like you all to know that it was just about the most painful thing ever and I'm quite ecstatic about being done with it. I'm sure I could tell you a lot of worthless facts about this crazy guy, but I'll spare you the pain. As for now, let us ponder on the bliss one feels after they have accomplished something they've been procrastinating for weeks. Nice.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

hey schplay

Will I ever feel comfortable in a swimming suit?
Will I ever feel like I'm ready to get married?
Will I ever have a pet ferret (again)?
Will I ever date a Russian?
Will I ever write and interesting blog?
Will I ever have a job that is fantastic?
Will I ever go anywhere?
Will I ever be able to tolerate children?
Will I ever not be socially awkward?
Will I ever learn to dance?
Some plaguing questions that have been on my mind once or twice in my life.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I need to find some peace

and I finally have for a while. I only have one paper due this week and no tests. Why couldn't this have happened last week when it was my birthday? I guess I'll just have to celebrate up the wazoo this week. Perhaps watch a movie every night. That's really all I want to do because I never get to watch movies anymore. It's time to live it up. Here are some of the films I'd like to view, some for the first, some for the second time....or twenty-somethingth time.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Opportunity to Be Heard

It's true. I finally broke down and got a cell phone. Here it is. It was the free one. The fact that it's white and silver is pretty funny, but it's a pretty good phone. Just tell me to call you if you want my number. I'm pretty sure you're cool enough that I'd give it to you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

you want more?

I have heard a plea for a new post. When there is nothing to post, I don't post. Apologies thrown at you all. I don't know what you want from me but here it goes.

Here are some girl names I like:
Elizabeth (no shortenings)
Cynthia (just kidding)

Here are some boy names I like:
Benjamin or Ben
Georg (just kidding)
Kurt is okay...I guess

If you agree or disagree you can tell me, but what the heck. It's hard to think of names I like. That took me like an hour and I could hardly think of any. Man, I hope I never have kids.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Things you should do before you kick the bucket:

Eat at Tucanos (meat on sticks...what more can I say)
Shop at the outlet mall in Park City
Go garbage can riding (it's getting harder to accomplish)
Buy the car of your dreams (the one that is realistically obtainable)
Have yourself painted by a photo-realism artist, have it framed, and keep it under your bed
Write a missionary regularly (the association makes your life amazing)
Go on a mission
Get a cat
Write a crazy blog post that no one would expect from you
Read the Book of Mormon
Successfully make a batch of chocolate chip cookies
Go to the Louvre
Read Pride and Prejudice
Find your soul mate (or someone close enough)
Attend ward choir (at least once)
Clean the bathtub (no one's going to want to clean it out after you die)
Take your dog for a walk

Monday, January 16, 2006

What's not to want?

I went to the Utah Auto Expo today for the first time and it was pretty dang exciting. Let me show you my (relatively) new found loves.

The first and foremost on my list is the BMW 325, hopefully shown below (I'm not very good at positioning these pictures; sorry). It is just so beautiful. Unfortunately, it will never be in my budget. I think. Who knows. Maybe I'll marry a really rich guy who can frivilously throw his money into something worldly. Sweet.

The next car on my list is the Honda Civic Hybrid. This thing gets 49 mpg city and 51 mpg highway. That's insane. It's kind of futuristic looking (the picture below doesn't catch this look) which I usually don't approve of, but who cares if you don't have to buy gas? It's also a Honda, which means it's pretty reliable, except if it gets stolen...

The last beauty I will show you is my favorite SUV. I have always liked the Toyota 4Runners because they are so attractive. I must admit, I like the older models looks-wise, but these newer ones are pretty awesome. Just take a gander.

I guess the Toyota Highlander Hybrids are more environment-friendly, but they're just so large and imposing. So are 4Runners, but at least they are good-looking. I probably wouldn't buy an SUV just because of the horrible gas mileage, but they are nice to look at.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I have just spent $290.45 on my textbooks for this semester. That is competely obscene. $240 of those precious, hard-earned dollars went to anvil-size books for my Art History class. I'm not kidding about the size of those things, either. I can barely lift the heaviest one with one arm--even my extremely buff, toned right arm. I slightly terrified at the prospect of carrying all of these books across campus. Obsurd.

The semester starts in 4 days and I feel like I haven't done anything productive this whole 3-week break. YES! I reached my goal of being as lazy as possible and eating far more junk food than I ever should. No, but really, I just did whatever the heck I wanted these past weeks and I feel pretty good about it. I'm in for quite the long haul (a heavy haul at that) until April and I'm glad I had this break to relax.

Oh, and lets make this clear: I'm still planning on moving out in the summer. Unless my parents can talk me out of it, then I'm all for it. So don't make any plans without me, silly girls. I was in on this, too, and I'd like to stay in it if possible.