Monday, January 16, 2006

What's not to want?

I went to the Utah Auto Expo today for the first time and it was pretty dang exciting. Let me show you my (relatively) new found loves.

The first and foremost on my list is the BMW 325, hopefully shown below (I'm not very good at positioning these pictures; sorry). It is just so beautiful. Unfortunately, it will never be in my budget. I think. Who knows. Maybe I'll marry a really rich guy who can frivilously throw his money into something worldly. Sweet.

The next car on my list is the Honda Civic Hybrid. This thing gets 49 mpg city and 51 mpg highway. That's insane. It's kind of futuristic looking (the picture below doesn't catch this look) which I usually don't approve of, but who cares if you don't have to buy gas? It's also a Honda, which means it's pretty reliable, except if it gets stolen...

The last beauty I will show you is my favorite SUV. I have always liked the Toyota 4Runners because they are so attractive. I must admit, I like the older models looks-wise, but these newer ones are pretty awesome. Just take a gander.

I guess the Toyota Highlander Hybrids are more environment-friendly, but they're just so large and imposing. So are 4Runners, but at least they are good-looking. I probably wouldn't buy an SUV just because of the horrible gas mileage, but they are nice to look at.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I have just spent $290.45 on my textbooks for this semester. That is competely obscene. $240 of those precious, hard-earned dollars went to anvil-size books for my Art History class. I'm not kidding about the size of those things, either. I can barely lift the heaviest one with one arm--even my extremely buff, toned right arm. I slightly terrified at the prospect of carrying all of these books across campus. Obsurd.

The semester starts in 4 days and I feel like I haven't done anything productive this whole 3-week break. YES! I reached my goal of being as lazy as possible and eating far more junk food than I ever should. No, but really, I just did whatever the heck I wanted these past weeks and I feel pretty good about it. I'm in for quite the long haul (a heavy haul at that) until April and I'm glad I had this break to relax.

Oh, and lets make this clear: I'm still planning on moving out in the summer. Unless my parents can talk me out of it, then I'm all for it. So don't make any plans without me, silly girls. I was in on this, too, and I'd like to stay in it if possible.