Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't go on that many "dates" in one night. And Happy Easter.

It was a bad experience. You had to yell at each other in order to hear over the noise. Also, two creepy guys called me right after it was over! I have no idea how they got my phone number, but if they wanted it that bad they should have just asked me. And I would have said no. But they still should have asked.

On another note, EASTER was great. I love this holiday because I get to ponder on what the Savior has done for me. The excessive amounts of candy, however, are most unpleasant. I feel like brushing my teeth a million times still. Besides a ton (literally) of candy, we had an egg hunt in my backyard for my niece and nephew, Abby and Ian. It was so hilarious. Abby would freak out every time she found one and Ian was too busy eating the candy inside of his first egg to find any more. We took a lot of pictures, but they're on my parents camera. Perhaps I can get a hold of them to post later...

Here's a random picture to hold you over until then:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get ready for the most dates of your life!

So, at Women's Services I'm in charge of planning Speed Dating. We did it about a month ago for the first time ever and it was a huge success, in that hundreds of people showed up to participate; however, it was extremely unorganized, as we had planned for about 50 people. We're trying it again this Saturday night and I'm excited! It really is fun to plan and organize events. This time I'm color coding everything to make it user-friendly. You'd be surprised how dumb people are when you give them the simplest instructions. I think everyone will be more calm and have less questions if things are color coded. For instance, each person will be given a nametag with their name and a colored sticker. They have to sit at the group of tables that corresponds with the color of the sticker on their nametag. Genius, eh? That's what I thought. Another reason I'm glad to be planning this event is that I don't actually have to participate in it! Yea! No awkward moments for me; I'll just be running around like a mad woman. Also, I will get to ring the gong for them when their 5 minutes are up (unless someone else really wants to).
Here's the poster:

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

If I had a million dollars... or even just $50

So, I have hardly any money right now because I just paid the deposit for my apartment for next Fall AND rent for the apartment I live in right now (with the highest utility bill I've ever had). Under the circumstances, I have been contemplating the things I would purchase right now if I had any money to be spent. Here are a few of them. Some of these items don't require money at all, but are things I'm just pining away for:

Pre-order The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Tortilla chips (Debbie, Ali, & Dani- thanks!)
Graham Canyon/Finale ice cream
Oranges (Thanks Deb and Al!)
Many a song on iTunes (Micquel got me a giftcard for my birthday!)
Comfortable & cute black shoes
A black coat
A great hug from a guy I like
A pedicure
A chat with any one of my friends (Thanks to everyone who was at the party!)
A decorative umbrella (Debbie and Ali are my heroes!)
New dress pants
Lower utility bill
More patience
A's on my Economics and Calculus finals
Love, Stargirl (Micquel got this for me, too!)
The ability to run for even just 3 miles w/out dying
Nice teeth
More iron in my blood
A brown swimskirt
More time to spend with friends
Newly Updated:
A longer attention span
The best summer job ever
A chance to watch Nanny Diaries
Motivation to play the piano more often
Less cavities
Photobooth pictures with my girls!

Man, I'm such a selfish, worldly person sometimes. At least I'm not dying to have one of these: