Thursday, January 27, 2011

why this weekend will be a doozy AND some things that are funny about monte

Monte and I are dreading this Sunday- we have to give talks in sacrament meeting. Our topic is "Treasures in Heaven." My first reaction was "what the crap does that even mean?" I'm glad that some other people have had the same reaction when I told them what my topic was. I believe it's referring to the fact that you can't take worldly "treasures" or possession with you when you die- you need to have eternal perspective and focus on the things that really matter: your testimony of the gospel, your temple covenants, your family, etc. Nothing we do in this life really matters if we don't lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven. Does anyone have any awesome ideas for my talk?

I don't get all lovey-dovey on here very often, but Monte has been hilarious lately and I want to show you some ridiculous pictures of him. He takes naps a LOT. One time he decided to just doze off on the floor with his head popping out of a room:He sleeps on the couch a lot. His mouth is pretty much always open this wide when he lays on his back. 'Tis funny:
This was on Christmas day at Maecy's house in Ogden. He's pretty good at making mischievous faces because he's always into mischief.
Creepy, eh? Yeah, but he's still my most favorite person in the world. Perhaps I'll show some decent-looking pictures of him some other time. Maybe.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Here are some pictures to tide you over:

I guess some people really DO read my blog. I had no idea.

In case you didn't hear already, I finally got to go on my Mexican cruise that I paid for two years ago (that the Swine Flu foiled). This time the Mena's paid and I went...without Monte. That was the sad part, but it was still really fun and I got to fully relax for a full week. And go to some awesome beaches. And get hit on by a lot of Mexican men.

This is proof that I tried to eat fish and like it (that's tilapia). It was gross. I just can't like fish, no matter how hard I try.

Jlene and I got to know each other very well. We were roommates for a whole week! She's really nice and patient.
This is the only time I ever went swimming in the pool on the ship. This was after a long day of walking around Puerto Vallarta and riding the crazy city bus.
This is just a couple of minutes after the above picture was taken. See Walmart in the background? It's taking over the world.
This is Monte's youngest brother, Danny, with some random military men that are everywhere in Mexico (at least the coastal places I went to). That's our ship in the background.
The beach on Stone Island (in Mazatlan). I look insane.
My favorite port BY FAR was Cabo San Lucas. We went on a glass-bottom boat tour to a couple of beaches, saw some pretty, colorful fish, and went past this famous arch. Later that day Danny and Sam (Monte's brothers) went parasailing, which I think I want to do someday.
This is a wound that I got in Cabo whilst climbing upon some rock on the beach. It reminded me of Debbie's Hawaii beach wound, but way less severe.

Monday, January 03, 2011


I start the last semester I'll ever attend at BYU on Wednesday!

In other news, last night I was in bed, all the lights were off, Monte was drifting off to sleep, etc. I went to grab a tissue on my dresser (because of a slight cold I'm suffering from) and, bumbling around in the dark, knocked the massive Maglight off. It landed on my foot. I started crying because it hurt so bad. I don't remember the last time I cried over physical pain.
I think it was the size just slightly bigger than the one shown in the picture above (retrieved from Google images, of course). My two outside toes on my left foot are still very bruised.

Perhaps I should put a lamp on my side of the bed...