Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Duh dada duh dah!

Who knew this building could be so frightening? I'm sure it would be quite pleasant if it were to be used for other purposes. As it is, I have left this building feeling pretty worthless too many times. Today I will take my last final (economics) in the JSB auditorium. I can never decide which is worse, the testing center or that auditorium. I think the testing center is just a box of anxiety, so it's probably worse. But I hate having those mini desks in the JSB. Also, it's pretty dark in there so I have to squint to read the questions. The JSB is nicer because of it's quieter, less urgent atmosphere, however. Anyways, wish me luck! I really need to do well on this exam...

On another note, if anyone is interested in doing some relaxing yoga this spring/summer for FREE, check this out. It's outside, too!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The wonders of money...

I donated plasma for the third time ever yesterday. I have always been a pretty regular blood donor, but when my sister started working at a plasma center I decided I'd give the plasma route a shot. (ha ha "a shot". Get it?). It's turned out to be pretty great because of the following reasons:
- I get to see my sister more often
- It makes me sit down and study
- I get to watch weird movies I would never otherwise view
- I get paid $30 every time I go, and it takes about an hour
All of those reasons are good, but it amazes me how much money $30 is. If I'm getting a needle put into my arm, I might as well be getting paid for it. The money I receive can pay for my phone bill for an entire month! Or it buys me groceries for 2 weeks (or more)! I can feed my show fetish better now, too! All in all, if you're eligible, I'd totally give it a try. It's across the street from DI on Columbia Lane, btw.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Wouldn't that be awful?

Disclaimer: This isn't going to make you feel wonderful inside.
I had the most awful dream last night. I don't remember very much (which is typical for me) but I remember that everyone in my family died. In my dream I woke up one morning and someone showed me a newspaper whose cover story was about my family member's deaths. Apparently they were all up in the mountains somewhere just playing around in the snow. And all the sudden they were dead. I don't remember how they died, but there was a picture with all of their dead bodies lying face-up in the snow. I pretty much went into shock in my dream and started bawling uncontrollably. I woke up during this time and was quite shocked at the things my brain was making me dream. Sometimes I'm so mean to myself. How disturbing! I'm glad nothing horrible has really ever happened in my life, but I also wouldn't mind never having dreams like that again.

Monday, April 07, 2008

New Blog to Check Out!

As some of you know, I work at Women's Services. We've decided to start a blog! The following link will take you to it. I wrote a new post concerning what is happening tomorrow. Read about it! It's going to be scary/fun/exciting/crazy.
Women's Services & Resources Blog