Sunday, November 07, 2010

das auto

Monte and I (and Hayley, that wonderful woman) went car shopping from about 10:45 til 4:45 yesterday (we took about an hour break for lunch). MY HEAVENS, it was stressful, but very fun and informative. We were mostly at the Auto Mall in Sandy (off 10600).

After much test driving and looking at prices/miles/options/colors/everything else, we decided that we want a Hyundai Sonata (2006-2009 version). Hyundais are getting great reviews lately and I've always been particularly attracted to the Sonata (although it can look a bit old-personish compared to other vehicles). We would want it in Steel Grey, Dark Red, Blue, or BLACK (my favorite). Here are some pictures (I just got them off of Google Images):
The other car that we were seriously considering (which took us by surprise) was the 2007 Saturn Aura. I had never heard or read anything about it, but here's what it looks like. It got pretty good reviews (I couldn't find anything online that was really bad about it at all).We were looking at a black one, in particular (it's the only one we saw all day).
This vehicle was made after the GM takeover of Saturn, so it has GM backing it up (however reliable THAT is). We just worry that since Saturn is basically gone to the world that it would be hard to find parts to repair it later (the salesman assured us that GM would have all of the parts we would ever need, but I don't trust salesmen).

ANYway, that's what we came up with. We'll probably end up getting a Sonata within the next few weeks, we just want to find the best deal (obviously). And we really need a second car. Any comments or suggestions?