Friday, February 26, 2010

BIG decision

I have about 15 minutes until my bus comes so I thought I'd let all (3) of my readers know what's going on right now. As many of you already know, Monte wants to go to med school. I totally support him in that desire because he really does love the medical field. When he thought he was going to be a clinical psychologist for the rest of his life he just wasn't excited about life. Now that he's back on the medical track he is so excited about EVERYthing. It's great.

Anyways, medical school is pretty darn expensive. Like, I've heard it's typical to come out of residency with like $250,000 worth of debt. That's the cost of a house, my friends. And we'll probably already have a house payment by then. Pretty stressful, but I know people get out of it, especially since doctors tend to make a lot of money.

To avoid huge amounts of debt Monte has been looking into joining the Air Force. They pay for school, help you choose medical schools, and are basically awesome about you getting an education. The downside is that Monte would have to go to Officer's Training next summer back east for a WHOLE MONTH. Now, as you people probably know, I have a hard time even if Monte has to work til midnight. Going to sleep without him is the worst thing ever. SO, if he were to join the military and have to be gone for huge amounts of time like that I've decided that I would just take a long trip (not the whole month, of course) with my family/friends to distract myself from the fact that he's gone. Hopefully....that would help missing him.

Another downside is that Monte would have to work for the Air Force for 4-6 years after residency. That's a long time. BUT at least he would have a secure job and gain lots of experience. During that time the Air Force could send us to live pretty much anywhere (as far as I know). Shaylee and Shawn were stationed in the craphole of New Mexico (Alamogordo) when they were in the Air Force. But then, we could be sent to Europe. I've heard of a lot of people who are stationed in Germany and Italy.

While it's kind of downside that we'd have to live where they told us to, it would be a GREAT opportunity to share the gospel. Which is scary. Because I am not the best at it. But I think that I would be fine and have a good time with all of the other wives on base.

So. What do you guys think? Is it worth it? We're not sure. We've been praying about it and we're going to the temple tonight. Hopefully we are receptive to the spirit, but we'd love advice from all of you, as well.