Friday, November 28, 2008

Don't you love the holidays?

So. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to go to Kmart (why are they open on Thanksgiving? Do they hate their employees? Greedy retail stores...) to get Debbie's birthday present (you can bet it's the best thing you've ever seen), some oversize fleece blankets (I need blankets when I become independent/married!), and picture frames for the reception. Luckily my mother was awake putting the turkey in the oven and she happily agreed to accompany me, otherwise I'd be scared out of my mind by those crazy I one of those now? Also, good thing she came because she bought be a really cool ring! I can't describe it--you'll just have to see it. Or I could post a picture of it later.

Besides early morning shopping Thanksgiving was pretty great. Until Monte had to work from 6 p.m. to midnight! Stupid. But at least he got paid time and a half. That's excellent news. I went in and filed...for an hour. I would have stayed longer but Regan and I decided we needed to watch August Rush, which I had never seen. Also, she's moving back to Oklahoma in like a week and I won't see her for a long, long time. And...I got some music from her. Which took about 2 hours to transfer over because her burner wasn't working and we only had a 512MB flash drive. Funny.

Anyways. This morning Monte was such a champ and he got up with me at 6:30 to go hit the Office Depot doorbuster sale. In which I bought an 8GB flash drive so none of those music fiascoes, like the one complained about above, will ever happen again! Yay!

Now I'm at work. That's right. I had to work at 8 a.m. on the day after Thanksgiving. And no one has called or come into the office. Seems like a waste of time for me and a waste of money for Chrysalis. Whatev. I'm just writing this blog and making copies. Oh, AND listening to Christmas music since it's no longer before Thanksgiving. Bring on the Christmas cheer.

I have an apartment! After weeks and weeks of searching, filling out applications, going to see disgusting apartments, Maecy's old landlord called her back and we get to have her old apartment! The one next to the Cannon's house! And it's pretty cheap, which is marvelous. Also, it has two bedrooms. And is right next to a bus stop. I'm so grateful! All those hours of searching and praying paid off, I'm telling you. The gospel is true.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sorry I've been away for like a month. Planning a wedding really is the most time consuming thing I've ever experienced. Only 5 more weeks to go! And only 4 til I get my endowments. ;)

So, just finished writing this stats term paper for Stat 332 and I think I'll probably get a C on it. That's pretty good for an engaged person, right? Here's a graph I included in it.Doesn't that just look fantastic? No, it doesn't. Whatev. We were doing an experiment with launching rubber balls from wooden catapults. Yeah, pretty awesome. I love stats because of all the random experiments we get to do. I hope I can afford to go to school next semester so I can take that 6 credit stats class... should be a lot of work, but hopefully fun, too!

I won't bore you with talk of wedding stuff, so I pretty much don't have anything left to say. Welp.