Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am a server of women.

That's right, folks. I work at Women's Services and Resources in the Wilk on campus. The office is always full of estrogen because only females work there. It's pretty fantastic. I love my new job so much that I'm starting to hate my old job, which I am still doing (BYU Bookstore). Also, I am taking D&C 325 from a crazy Bro. Richardson who embarrasses himself in front of us all the time- on purpose. I swear it's his goal in life to make us all think he's gone mad. With every class period being 2 hours long, however, it's a relief that he keeps us awake so efficiently. I am learning some great stuff about the early history of the church and the doctrines and commandments that the saints were educated on. Basically, this term is going to be pretty fantastic. Whoa, the most important news of all: I moved to a different apartment complex, Bountiful Court, with Ali and Micquel. I have seen Micquel awake in our apartment twice. I certainly hope she decides that she has time to be friends with us still. I feel pretty lucky that I get to go on a double date with her, Jeff, and Jeff's friend tonight. Blind date for me! We'll see how that goes. I certainly hope he isn't anything like Uncle Pennybags.