Wednesday, February 22, 2006

you want more?

I have heard a plea for a new post. When there is nothing to post, I don't post. Apologies thrown at you all. I don't know what you want from me but here it goes.

Here are some girl names I like:
Elizabeth (no shortenings)
Cynthia (just kidding)

Here are some boy names I like:
Benjamin or Ben
Georg (just kidding)
Kurt is okay...I guess

If you agree or disagree you can tell me, but what the heck. It's hard to think of names I like. That took me like an hour and I could hardly think of any. Man, I hope I never have kids.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Things you should do before you kick the bucket:

Eat at Tucanos (meat on sticks...what more can I say)
Shop at the outlet mall in Park City
Go garbage can riding (it's getting harder to accomplish)
Buy the car of your dreams (the one that is realistically obtainable)
Have yourself painted by a photo-realism artist, have it framed, and keep it under your bed
Write a missionary regularly (the association makes your life amazing)
Go on a mission
Get a cat
Write a crazy blog post that no one would expect from you
Read the Book of Mormon
Successfully make a batch of chocolate chip cookies
Go to the Louvre
Read Pride and Prejudice
Find your soul mate (or someone close enough)
Attend ward choir (at least once)
Clean the bathtub (no one's going to want to clean it out after you die)
Take your dog for a walk