Sunday, July 17, 2011

Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

The beach we went to everyday (this was a more rugged portion than we normally went to). This is where my iPod was stolen (broke my heart).

Iguanas everywhere! And Geckos. We also saw a little black monkey from our condo balcony!

(don't judge me--I didn't put on makeup or do my hair for the entire week)

K, guys, Monte and I have been back from our crazy Mexico vacation for a few weeks now. I guess I should post about it.

Bad things about the trip:
- Everyone but me got Montezuma's revenge! Seriously, everyone got sick for at least a couple of days. Sad.
- Our condo was brand new, but not quite ready for us. Leaky showers, leaky air conditioners, etc.
- The worst part about our condo: the water wasn't turned on when we got there! After traveling ALL day, we couldn't use the toilet or even wash our hands! The owner of the condo gave the Menas more than half the money back because of all of the issues we had, but Monte and I didn't pay for the it was just crappy for us.
- The golf cart batteries had to be charged after every single tiny trip to the marina during the last half of our trip! That golf cart needs some new batteries, for sure.
- Mosquitoes. Everywhere.

Good things about the trip:
- Going to the beach everyday! It was super warm water, but breezy weather, so you felt all cooled off when you'd get out of the water and just lounge in your wet swimsuit.
- Seeing dolphins, manatees, and sea lions at the marina everyday. They were super awesome.
- Getting slightly tanner (Monte got MUCH tanner after his severe sunburn--never thought he'd get burned like THAT).
- Getting my first stamp in my passport.
- Learning to appreciate free water that you can actually drink. I love living in the United States!
- Getting really good at converting from USD to Pesos.
- The golf cart that came with the condo was super fun to drive! I want one.
- I finally got to see some Mayan ruins, something I've always wanted to do (see pictures below).The Caribbean, seen from the Tulum (that's where these ruins are).

That's not sweat, it's water- we poured it on ourselves to keep cool.