Monday, January 30, 2012


I had a flower-making craft night at my house. It was super fun. Micquel, Teri, and Debbie came (Trisha also came, but had to leave before the crafting began). It's quite funny that I had a craft night as I am usually an anti-crafter.

Above is a view of my table with all of the supplies laid out (including some peanut butter M&Ms, of course).

Here's the book that Monte gave me for Christmas. It was a complete surprise and I LOVE it. The author has a blog (here). I can't wait to make more flowers. There are a million possibilities with 4 different petal shapes. I have only made the basic petal shape so far (first picture). I'll post pictures later of the other ones I make.
Here I am looking pregnant. I think I was 22 weeks when this was taken (now I'm 23 weeks). I got that dress at Old Navy for like $12! Sweet.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

20.5 weeks

I think this one was taken at 19 weeks.

I am halfway through my first pregnancy! That is both horrifying and exciting. In case you didn't hear, we're having a boy. I was a lot more disappointed than I thought I would be. For some reason I just thought that I would have a girl. I didn't like tear up or anything, but I was sad for about 20 minutes. Monte wasn't sad at all, surprisingly. He's super excited to have a boy. Perhaps in like 5 years I'll try again for a girl, but no promises.