Monday, November 19, 2007

Read My Mind

My friend asked me today whether I prefer being alone when I'm having a bad/sad day or if I have to feel connected to people and be around others when I'm feeling pooey. I think, looking back on my bad days, I really need to connection with others because I'm usually having a bad day because I feel alone. Talking about my concerns makes me feel a lot better, but even just being in the same room as someone, knowing they want to be in my presence, makes me feel a lot better. I find the people who are most helpful to me in those situations are my bestest friends. I'm kind of surprised it's not my family, but sometimes I just feel like I can open up to my friends better because I feel like they are going through the same situations and can really understand what's happening and why I'm feeling that way (whoa, run on sentence!). I should try to talk to my family more. They're really busy though and probably don't have time to hear about my little problems. And I'm not saying that I have all of these huge issues that I need to talk to someone about- it's just that sometimes we all have bad days and need to vent about the craziness of life.

Something I discovered today: One unfair thing I expect from those around me is that I want them to be able to just look at me and read my feelings at any given moment. I just wish people would look at me and know exactly what I needed, that I needed to be comforted, and know exactly how to do it. I definitely don't possess this extraordinary talent when it comes to any of my friends and their feelings, so I shouldn't expect it of them. But, come on, wouldn't that be amazing? Ah, only in a perfect world.

Just a little plug dealing with the gospel: I'm so thankful that I do have one person who knows exactly what I'm going through, how it makes me feel, and what to do to make me feel better. This knowledge has helped me through a lot and I wish that everyone knew of His comforting power. I know I'd have a lot more sad days if I didn't have Him.