Friday, September 29, 2006


Our dear friend Trisha is getting married in less than a month and I volunteered to throw her a bridal shower. Micquel, Debbie, and Ali quickly came to the rescue and offered to help, as well. I can't say much about it on here because Trisha will read it, but I will say this: it's going to be You bet it is. So if you are lucky enough to be on Trisha's list of people who are invited (which you probably are, considering it is quite lengthy) be very excited. Hopefully we'll show you a good time. Ah, the scandal that bridal shower presents convey. I am very excited to buy something risque for the questionable Trisha.
Note to Trisha: Please don't have these flowers at your wedding. I might have to cry. The hideosity is overpowering.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Perhaps you could decipher some meaning from the nonsensical ramblings below?

It is just one of those times that I don't want to go to sleep because I know I'll have to get up and do homework (which, incidentally, is typing a paper). I got more homework done today than I thought I would, though, what with my crazy schedule. Relationships class was kind of weird. Everyone has such different opinions about relationships and, more specifically, dating. I almost got up out of my seat to smack Benjamin over the head with my scriptures many a time. That boy needs to keep his trap shut. I could compare my annoyance towards him with my feelings toward people who drive under the speed limit. Trisha has asked to copy my notes from Art History tomorrow because she won't be there. She will be at a "women's doctor" getting something very painful done. I am very sorry for her. But at least she has a bridal shower to look forward to, right? Uh, yes, I'm sure Micquel and I can put something together. We are tentatively planning it for the 7th of October, in less than two weeks. Maybe we should think more about this, eh? Nah. I will just buy her something scandalous the day before in a fit of insanity. Isn't it just sad that Utah State's offense hasn't put a single point on the scoreboard this season? I find that disheartening. Good thing I was smart enough to go to BYU, where we win a least SOME games. I'm not a loyal enough fan to put up with extreme failure. I know, pathetic. Here are my two new favorite lines from songs: "You're as close as it gets without touching me" (Imogen Heep, The Walk) and "When forever's over I won't remember how much I loved you anymore" (Alison Krauss, Forget About It). Don't read too much into those, though. You might get confused. I barely even understand why I like them.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Finally Ready For Fall

Debbie, Micquel, and I went on our biannual shopping trip to the Tanger Outlet stores in Park City yesterday. As always, we spent the drive there and back discussing the faults and redeeming qualities of boys, listening to music whilst "singing" along at the top of our lungs, and getting lost (even though we've taken this trip well over a few times). I look forward to these trips and look upon the memories of them fondly. The only thing that could have made this trip better is if every one of my friends could have come along for the good time.

As much as I love just being with these delightful girls, acquiring new and exciting clothing items makes these trips all the better. Debbie got exactly what she went for: a jacket, some jeans, and a few shirts. Micquel purchased what she needed, too: nothing. Good show, old chap. I was surprised to come away with some good finds as well, and things that I had planned on buying, too. I have included some pictures of my most recent purchases.