Monday, February 25, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Waiting for fruit to ripen is hard.

You know when you are so excited because you just bought some fruit and you want to eat it because it sounds so good but you can't because it's not ripe yet? (That was a pretty good run-on sentence). Well, last week I was doing the usual grocery shopping at Macey's and just had to purchase some pears and nectarines. What delightsome fruits! I was so anxious to eat them, but just couldn't do it because they weren't ripe yet. With all of the self-control I could exert I told myself that I couldn't eat them until I got back from Idaho, when surely they'd be ripe. Right?

WRONG. They still aren't ripe. And I still want to eat them. Why do they tease me so?

On a good fruitful note, however, remember those tasty orange/tangerine/clementine things that come from Hana's backyard in California? Those were real great in Idaho. Incredible, in fact. I want more.