Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Monte just finished his last final at BYU ever! I'm so excited that he'll have the next year off to play with me and Noah. Of course, he'll still be working full time, but think of all of that class/homework time he'll now get to devote to us! It's thrilling to think about.

Noah is getting cuter and cuter everyday! I won't post any pictures this time because I'm "typing" this on my iPad, but many pictures will be posted soon, I'm sure. And if you get sick of me posting them then you are a heartless monster.


micquel said...

Time with the hubbies is the best! Keep on postin' those pictures, I'm no heartless monster here:)

Rachel Messel said...

It's so awesome when that chapter in your lives is over, and then you look back and wonder how you did it ;)
Congrats to Monte for finishing, yeah!!!
P.S. Noah is so darling!!!