Tuesday, October 02, 2012

4 month measurements

Weight: 15lbs 14 oz, 75th percentile
Length: 26", 80th percentile
Head circumf: 16.5", 45th percentile

Noah often rolls from front to back, but has never rolled from back to front (yet). He smiles and giggles all the time and still loves to be outside- we go on at least two walks per day. Pictures coming soon!


micquel said...

Pretty sure Noah is now about a pound bigger than Hal:) can't wait for those pictures.

deb said...

Such a big boy! So cute.

Hayley Labrum Morrison said...

heavy and a small head huh?


Artzy Heart said...

Noah is growing so fast!! Can't wait to see him at bookclub next week. Your bog is cute with all the great photos. Thanx for leaving a comment on my blog.

Artzy Heart said...

It was fun to visit with you and little Noah at book club last week. Thanks for posting that picture of Peggy....I just had to use it in my blog. Go take a peek!