Wednesday, March 20, 2013

so many pictures of Noah, you might get sick of him

I cannot get enough of this hat. Kills me.

He has 6 teeth!

Noah loves everything about cars (both toy and real ones). He loves the sounds they make, their wheels, the way they taste--everything.
He finally noticed I had the camera.

Naked model.

Loves the piano. And is tall enough to reach it by himself!

Post-bath hair.
First of all, I am NOT going to apologize for this adorable picture overload.

Noah will turn 10 months old in 10 days, but we just had his 9 month doctor's visit yesterday. Here are his measurements:

Weight: 19 lbs 12 oz (30th percentile)
Length: 30" (85th percentile)
Head circumf: 18" (50th percentile)

Due to his lanky figure, he is almost unable to wear size 18-month pajamas (sleepers). I'll have to put a 10-month old in size 24-months!

Noah's Likes:
- baths
- dogs
- cats
- being outside
- music
- bread
- hearing the train

Noah's Dislikes:
- men
- whistles
- being deprived of a nap
- getting his diaper changed


deb said...

Big boy! Violet barely fits those 18 month pj's. Haha. He is such a cutie.

Maecy said...

Oh this is just a mild amount of pictures. You don't know what a real overload is. I LOVE hims teef!